About Us

The Vetys of Brazil is a Brazilian company that operates in the health and beautification. It has a wide diversification of products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions and more. Its distribution is performed by excellent distributors who care for the safety and accuracy of delivery.
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Our Team

The Vetys of Brazil has highly qualified professionals. The professionals that make up the frame work of pharmacists and veterinarians Vetys are post-graduates, who are always in tune, studying and researching to better assist you.


In Brazil's Vetys you still have the best care. Our representatives are distributed nationally.


The Vetys of Brazil takes care to invest in the qualification of its professionals, physical infrastructure of laboratories, acquisition of modern machinery and equipment and quality control of products. The purpose of Vetys of Brazil is to ensure the quality of its products and provide high level technical requirements for companies that have the intention to create, develop and enter the market its own line of products. Besides being responsible for regulatory affairs of all relevant processes the new brand.